Charitable Status

The Boys' Brigade ("the Brigade") is a registered charity whose aim is to provide opportunities for children and young people to meet together in their communities and engage in developmental activities, including engaging with the needs of others, their involvement in decision making from an early stage and the development of a personal Christian faith. The funds raised by the Brigade's commercial activities are vital to sustaining this aim and funding the charity's work.

Unauthorised use of the Brigade's intellectual property puts its principal aim at risk by reducing the funds the Brigade can raise itself through its own fundraising and commercial activities. If the Brigade does not protect these rights it puts at risk the ability to prevent such unauthorised use.

Registered Trade Marks

The Brigade owns the following registered trade marks (collectively "the Registered Marks") in the United Kingdom:

The name THE BOYS' BRIGADE ("the Name")

The Brigade Emblem
"The Brigade Emblem"

Brigade Logo
"Brigade Logo"

Adventure Begins Here Logo
"Adventure Begins Here Logo"

Authorised use of the Registered Marks

Any Company, Battalion, District, Region, other area group or other body authorised by the Brigade (including the Canoe Club, Mountaineering Club and Brass Band Association) may use the Registered Marks on notepaper, websites and social media, publications, non-uniform items of clothing, trophies, gifts without seeking specific permission from the Brigade. The name of the local Company, Battalion, District, Region or other area group must be prominently displayed alongside the registered mark.. Individual leaders who are registered with Headquarters may also use the Registered Marks on notepaper and documents that relate to and identifies their role within a Company, Battalion, District, Region, other area group or other body authorised by the Brigade.

The Registered Marks may be used to illustrate newspaper articles, together with other publications such as church newsletters and websites, catalogues and directories, provided that the permission of the individual or group responsible for agreeing the publication is obtained in advance. The Registered Marks may be used in, for example, a church magazine with the permission of the relevant Company Captain.

Unauthorised use of the Registered Marks

As noted above, it is a legal requirement for the Brigade to protect against unauthorised use of the Registered Marks (meaning any use which falls outside the authorised uses noted above and which is not otherwise permitted by law).

The following is a non-exhaustive list of unauthorised uses of the Registered Marks, solely for illustrative purposes. If any such use comes to the attention of BB members they should be reported to Headquarters.

  1. The use of any of the Registered Marks by a Company which:
    • has ceased to operate (including leaders not currently registered) or
    • has not submitted statistics or paid capitation fees and has been informed that it has been removed from the roll.

  2. The use of any of the Registered Marks:
    • on items of core uniform and related products (see appendix 1) except by manufacturers authorised by Boys' Brigade Headquarters and sold through registered outlets of Brigade Supplies.

The change or modification of Registered Marks is prohibited.

Unregistered marks

The statements above regarding use of the Registered Marks also apply in relation to any unregistered marks used, or developed by the Brigade and protected by law.

Copyright Materials

The Brigade is the copyright owner in the certain materials, including Brigade publications. The rules on how members may reuse these copyright materials are set out below.

Brigade publications

The Brigade is anxious to promote the widest use of the resources it provides for Companies and therefore leaders may photocopy material from Brigade publications, including the BB Gazette. Such use of resources must be strictly within what is required to work effectively as a leader and so must only be used within the Brigade. Articles from the BB Gazette may be reproduced in other appropriate publications such as church magazines provided a suitable acknowledgement is given and a copy of the publication with the article in is sent to the Editor at Headquarters.

Brigade Headquarters
October 2013