World War 1 Commemorative Badges

Commemorative Badge to be awarded to Young People


The Brigade Executive has approved a badge to be awarded to young people commemorating the centenary of WW1.

The badge is based on the design of the First World War National Service Badge. The aim of the badge is for young people to understand something of our history, to explore the concepts of conflict and peace and to provide opportunities for social action.  The badge is available to be awarded to any young person member of the Brigade by participating in an age appropriate activity related to the First World War. The awarding of the badge is at the discretion of the local Company.

The badge is to be worn by young people on the right armband at the extreme right of the bottom row.

A selection of programme ideas that could be used:

  • Learn about the role of BB members in WW1
  • Discuss the acts of valour by former BB members awarded the Victoria Cross
  • Research how your own BB Company operated in war time or the experience of an individual family member
  • Visit the local war memorial and reflect on the experience
  • Take part in a Service of Remembrance
  • Consider the words of Jesus, “Blessed are the Peace Makers for they will be called the children of God
  • Provide practical service to a veteran
  • Be involved in a fund raising project for a service charity


Commemorative Badge

There is also a plain silver badge which can be purchased and worn out of uniform.

This badge is aimed at Leaders and Ex-Members.